A lot of effort goes into a shoot and when it doesn’t get approved there is a sense of lost hope at that point in time. Just when a situation seems to be a lost cause, a ray of hope emerges out of nowhere.

Likewise, there are moments when the best shots captured are termed “not so good enough” and then I begin to ponder again and get the shots redone. This rollercoaster ride is a part of the job getting done and is inevitable.

In one of my assignments, I got a renowned model for a campaign for a renowned Art Director from Paris. I willingly did the shoot and the entire shoot seemed to have gone well. We wrapped up and headed back to our respective destinations. The Art Director later realizes that the model looked too “sophisticated” for the brand.

He then gets a brilliant idea to go through all the shots captured. It happened to be one of the test shots captured by my assistant that made it to the billboard in France! What an imperfect, yet perfect scenario!