As a kid, I remember my parents taking my sister and me on a holiday. My dad would without fail to carry his camera to photograph us and our trips. Guess, that’s when the seed of becoming a photographer took ground in my subconscious memory. It feels like not so long ago and the memories are deeply etched in my head!

Years down the line, after scoring decent marks in the university (I topped the University with 97% in the 1st year of BSc), my dad gifted me a basic SLR camera with a normal 50mm lens and two rolls of film.

After thanking my parents, I took the camera and shot pictures of the people and the places in and around me and one of the pictures from that even got published in the Times of India (Pune Edition).

From then, there was no looking back. Come what may, I just followed whatever made me happier just like clicking pictures, and luckily, more often than not, even got paid for it!

There have been several challenges, ever since; yet the undying sincerity, dedication coupled with honesty, passion and my love for art which has always won and allowed me to continue living my dreams regardless.

When we love our work, nothing can come in the way. Our passion for the work we do determines how far we will go, both professionally and personally.