Challenging yet Charming

Brad Pitt was to be photographed in broad daylight and no one was supposed to know that he would be coming to get photographed. And to top it all, he was coming to Mumbai and Mumbai had to appear in the picture with him without the knowledge of the anyone, most importantly not the media. In today’s time and age when everyone has a camera on their mobile phone, it did seem like a little challenge. But, what is life without such exciting challenges!

A day prior the Netflix team and I met at the Oberoi Hotel and went about scouting locations, only to realize that at 3 in the afternoon in the scorching Mumbai heat it would be next to impossible to take Brad out of the hotel premises for a shoot. But, we had to show Mumbai in the frame. We decided to create a platform at the end of the swimming pool area for him to stand on with the Marine Drive as the backdrop.

At 3 in the afternoon the following day, Brad arrived sharp on time all the way from Japan and I made him board the stage, with diffusers cutting the burning sun from the top and flashlight balancing the bright light to get the right exposure, we shot for hardly ten minutes or so and whisked him out of sight even before anyone could get a smell of him.  For those involved, this shoot was no less than a small war of sorts. Ironically, the shoot was for the promotion of his film called ‘The War Machine’.